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Tammie & Rick McDaniel


Rick and Tammie McDaniel live in Geneseo, Il. They have been married for 4 years and have been Jesus' followers for many years.  They have 5 kids combined and 2 grandchildren. They work together selling Real Estate and owning rental properties. They both are passionate about encouraging teens to seek Jesus with all their heart. The mission shared with the teens is to be SOLID Jesus followers. It's training them in: Service, Outreach, Learn-teach-lead, Identity, Discipleship

McKenna & Nathan Konvicka



My name is Nathan Konvicka. I enjoy long walks, the outdoors, and early mornings. I genuinely love people and love being able to see my friends grow closer to God. I grew up watching my parents lead the youth at church, and now I have the honor to lead in that same way!  In everything that I do with young adults, I want Jesus to be made known; when I lead I want it to be toward him. It is my mission to see young adults grow and become active in their faith.


Loretta England


My name is Loretta England. I am married to my husband John. We have 7 children and 6 grandchildren. I’ve been the Children’s Ministry leader at Encounter Church since August 2021. 

Our family enjoys traveling, sports, concerts, Bible reading, and crafts. As a Children’s Ministry leader, I know serving the Lord is a privilege. I desire that each child will come to know God's amazing love in his/her life. I want to partner with parents to help the children of our Church and beyond become firm in the foundation of their relationship with Jesus Christ. I enjoy the work God has me in here. I am blessed to work with amazing volunteers. 

If you’re new or interested in our children’s ministry, don’t hesitate to contact me or introduce yourself to me in passing on a Sunday morning. I look forward to meeting you!


Maria Fettig


My name is Maria Fettig and I lead the Missions ministry and the Woman’s ministry. I have a passion for meeting people where they are in their journey of life. I love Jesus and serving! I would love to get to meet you!


Jean Rohrig


My name is Jean Rohrig, I oversee the Nursery at Encounter Church. I have had several years of experience overseeing Nurseries and working in other churches before coming to Encounter Church. I worked as a daycare teacher for over 16 years most of it with preschoolers and know the policies and procedures for keeping our children as safe as can be.

The early years are the most important years for getting the message of what God is all about.  The children believe with all their hearts, at this age, the stories they hear.  Our curriculum is using real people and cartoon characters to relay these true stories, a month at a time, to really implant the Bible stories into their minds. Papers are sent home so that the parents may also help know what their children have learned during the children’s church time.  Making our children ready to accept Jesus as Savior and go to heaven is our ultimate goal.


Christian Duckwitz


My name is Christian Duckwitz, I lead the Tech, Graphic, and Creative aspects at the Church! I became a follower of Christ at the age of 13 in Rick and Tammie's Youth Group in Cambridge IL. As a child, I had a passion for creating Youtube videos as a fun thing to do. That was just the beginning of what God had in store because he planted that seed of creativity to glorify his kingdom! My mission is to help use my skills and God-given talents to help spread the Good News of the Gospel, whether that's through media or social awareness on online platforms. I am beyond blessed to be in the position God has placed me in! If you are interested in the tech booth and would want to serve don't hesitate to come to talk to me! I look forward to meeting you!

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